A tree in every yard becomes an attack on property rights!

A tree in every yard?  What is this nonsense?  Apparently the city has come up with some sort of new development standards that were, according to the N&R, “developed with the help of a consultant and were debated by a volunteer committee.”  What consultant?  What committee?

The Rhino reported on an NCO for Kirkwood three weeks ago, then about the citywide planning document last week and here’s the N&R article.  As soon as I get the link to the actual document under consideration from the city, I’ll add that too.

Look, I know, demanding that developers put a tree in the yard of every new home they build (does any developer not sell new homes with “landscaped” yards anyway?) sounds lovely.  I’m sure a lot of the things that the city will force you to do sound just ducky.

But where does it end?  And why does some small committee and some consultant get to decide what you do with your house and your yard?  My neighbors would love a carport but said they would need a variance and they can’t get it.  So their cars sit outside, rain or shine and occasionally get dinged by a falling tree branch.  And all because someone decided to make up some arbitrary rules about car port location.

As citizens and property owners, we must inform ourselves about these proposed changes to the city code before it is too late.  It is early enough now that it could become a campaign issue this fall.


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