More Federal Intervention in Our Schools

The stimulus package was sold as a way to get the economy moving again — the plan being for the federal government to rapidly spend money on “shovel-ready” projects that municipalities were unable to pay for due to the “dire” state of the economy.

As time progresses though, and details of the stimulus package emerge, it is becoming more and more obvious that, whatever the original justification for the package, that is not what is happening in practice.

Obama is set to announce a competition called “Race to the Top” to decide how to dole out education stimulus money to the states. According to an AP article on the issue “A state will have to meet a series of conditions to earn points and boost its chances [of winning some of the federal stimulus money]…. The Obama administration is using the stimulus not only to help schools ride out the recession but to try to transform the federal government’s role in education. Not every state will get the money…the dollars [will go] to perhaps 10 to 20 states that can serve as models for innovation.” (emphasis added)

Is this what we voted for?


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  1. Posted by g4greene on July 24, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Guaranteed that any school system not dominated by Teacher’s Unions will not be considered. If you want innovation that really works to produce well-educated students from minority backgrounds, look no further than the American Indian Charter Schools:,0,7064053.story


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